Sunday, May 6, 2012

Travels and Treasures

     What a beautiful and blessed weekend I had! It started off right... hanging out with two great friends at a local spot. Good food, friends, and a second to relax...I couldn't have asked for more. Then Adam and I were up early(ish) and we headed to the The 8th Annual Clinch River Spring Antique Fair in downtown Clinton, Tennessee.

     On the way I stopped at Hobby Lobby to get a few craft items. Now I have been to Joanne's and Micheal's but I don't think I have ever been to Hobby Lobby. It was like a craft mecca. Don't laugh if you have been there before and aren't impressed by it's awesomeness. I just couldn't get over it. I found a shelf for my bathroom that I am praying will be there in a couple weeks. I just have too much going on to afford it right now but if I have anything to do with will hang on my wall.

      After that we went on to Clinton and I was in another kind of Heaven....the complete opposite Heaven. I am talking expensive, antique, made in America kind of Heaven. A shabby chic kind of Heaven where pieces of furniture whispered sweet nothings and begged to go home with me. I found one thing that stopped me in my tracks and almost made me cry I wanted it so bad....It was not for sale but ohhh it had my name all over it.

This trailer belonged to Julie at Vintage Southern and Vintage Wedding Rentals.
 My friend, Amanda, who lives and teaches in Clinton met us there and had a milkshake with us at Hoskins Drug Store where they have an old school soda fountain. It was so much fun to eat lunch at a place with such history.
Adam not amused by my photo taking!

     So your wondering what did I get after a day of antique shopping? wonderful husband bought my Mother's Day gift. You know I love antique Blue Ball jars and we found a 1/2 gallon jar and a square quart jar. I am in love!
 After we spent the day exploring and window shopping we were off to get Belle from Mamaw's and head home to hang out with our friends. It was our first campfire of the season and summer sure felt like it was here for good! What a perfect weekend!
Sophie thinking she is a Hollywood Starlet!

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  1. Clinton looks like so much fun!

    Hobby Lobby is great. Everything goes on sale eventually. Watch for it and you can get a great deal.

    Looks like those sunglasses are being put to great use :)