Saturday, May 19, 2012

Bloggers' Quilt Festival

     I am so excited to be writing a post for the Bloggers’ Quilt Festival over at Amy’s Creative Side .  
If you are visiting from that site.... welcome! If your are visiting from another place such as Facebook or Pinterest please go check out the beautiful quilts at Amy's Creative Side. They are amazing!

     The quilt I chose to write about is the first quilt I ever made. I was so proud to make it all by myself from start to finish.

     Being the daughter of a quilter and an owner of a fabric shop, I resisted sewing completely for a long time. However, after several years of visiting my mom who owns Mountain Stitches in Gatlinburg, Tennessee I caught the fabric bug. I bought the Hushabye by Tula Pink fabric and the Scribbles pattern I used at the AQS quilt show in Knoxville, Tennessee several years ago. (I am so sad they aren't coming back this year)

    I think I broke every rule known to quilting when it came to binding this quilt but I don't care. I thought it was beautiful. It is my favorite fabric of all time and it will always be special to me.

    Now it sits on the back of my daughters chair at our dinning room table. I know it's my daughters because she threw a fit once when I moved it to another chair. I had one unhappy four year old on my hand. So my little girl will get to keep my first quilt and maybe someday...a long time from now....a long...long I will hold my grand babies in this quilt!
 here is the bonus photo....on my way outside to photograph my quilt I saw this pretty bunny sitting under a was so hot I just couldn't blame that bunny at all...


  1. Beautiful quilt! You did a lovely job - hard to believe it's the first.

  2. My all time favorite quilt! And since I've seen it in person, I know you did a great job!

  3. It's all about "breaking the rules"! The grannies at quilt shows cover their eyes at machine quilting, crystals and heaven forbid, painted fabric. But go for it, it's about making your own rules.

    Check out my blog if you can...

    Margaret Gunn

  4. Really fantastic first quilt!

  5. That is beautiful work, especially for your first quilt! I'm not surprised your daughter loves it! The colors are soft and gentle, plus, is Tula Pink!!

    suntred02 at

  6. What a beautiful quilt. I can see why your daughter likes it so much.

  7. You did a great job and chose beautiful fabrics. No one would ever guess it's your very first quilt.

  8. Your mom is lucky that you have an interest in quilting. I'm jealous. Keep up the good work.

  9. Thank you guys so much! Such sweet comments!