Monday, May 14, 2012


     So besides the baby quilt I made(that my mom helped me with) I also worked on a wall hanging for my niece. My hexagon wall hanging was to go with some pieces that my mother-in-law embroidered and put in embroidery hoops. Hers turned out beautiful and were so meaningful. Hopefully I can update with a picture of them all hanging on the wall in the nursery. For now here is a picture of the hexagon quilted wall hanging I made.

I didn't cut of the edge of the hexagons around the circle. I just pressed them toward the front so that it almost looked like a flower.
It looks so wrinkled but it's just the way the late evening sun was hitting it. It really wasn't that bad.

All you need is some fabric, 1 inch paper piecing hexagons, needle, thread (my sister uses silk), an embroidery hoop, and a ribbon or just hang it without one. 

If you need a great tutorial on how to do English paper piecing then you have to check out Jaybird Quilts website. There are alot of different ways to go about it. Hopefully I can put a more detailed blog up in the coming weeks on how to do it!

My sister is my inspiration for this project...check out her blog to see her hexi's at Under the Evening Star
Here is a sneak peak of a beautiful project she has on her blog! She is so talented you can find lots of quilting inspiration there!

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