Monday, March 19, 2012

Baby Quilts

Slowly I have been working on a couple new quilts. This time it's all about the baby quilts. At the rate I am going they may be toddler quilts. It doesn't really matter. The fact is I have got my squares cut and I am using Lily and Will from Bunny Hill.....Oh my goodness! I love this fabric and have wanted so badly to see it put together. Right now the Lily and Will quilt is pieced, sitting at my mom's shop ready to put the back on and quilt away. The boy fabric I am working with is Riley Blake's All about love some fabric..... The other stack of fabric is a random collection my mom got me for my birthday. It is very pretty too! Can't wait to finish them and send them off to the precious little ones that they were meant for! Must get busy!

The ever present Starbucks cup in the back is what kept me going that day. You gotta love Starbucks! I will post more pics as the quilts progress!

New Ways to Use the Old Dusty Waffle Iron

Okay I know it's a little crazy but kind of genius at the same time....I saw this idea on Pinterest and it totally worked. I sprayed my iron with Pam and then I just took refrigerated hash browns and spread a layer in the bottom and shut it. I then let the waffle iron works it's magic. I kept checking on them every few minutes until they were golden brown. I guess the time would vary depending on the type of waffle iron you use. When they are done cooking sprinkle with salt and top with whatever you have in the fridge....cheese, ketchup, green onions... the possibilities are endless.