Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My Dream Bathroom

     When we bought our house in 2006 my husband and I had been married a year. A year later we were pregnant with my beautiful daughter and all during that time I was getting my Masters and my Educational Specialist degree in education. With all that was going on, there was very little money or time for designing my dream home. I did pick out some beautiful colors that I used to try to make it our own, but we really were just trying to get it cleaned up and ready to move in as quickly as we could.
     We have also tried to change everything that was gold tone to brushed nickel. There have been small changes and we have done what we could, but it has been slow going. My master bath remained stripped of wallpaper with nothing else done to it for five years. Ahhhh...that is so embarrassing. However, I refused to put ten cents into doing something to the bathroom that wasn't absolutely my dream. After such a long time that dream has started to come to fruition. We are still moving at snail's pace but with the help of my good friend Dave we are getting much closer to that dream bathroom. Okay, I know your thinking all this drama over a bathroom?...but this bathroom is the first step in making this house our home.

      The inspiration for the bathroom came from the blog The House of Smiths . Please click on the link to see the pictures. They are awesome and you can really see how it was that I became inspired! I stumbled upon Shelley's blog the way I do most blogs...wandering around aimlessly in the blog world. In the days prior to Pinterest, when it seemed much harder to keep track of things we fell in love with in the blog world....her blog was so great I just kept coming back.

      Of course I can't forget Kevin and Layla Palmer at The Lettered Cottage . They are my inspiration for where I want to take my house. Check out the link and see where I got some more of my inspiration from!

     Both blogs are awesome and I have been following them for some time. I really want to thank Shelley at the House of Smiths blog for taking the time out of her day to email me and give me permission to link to her blog and for giving me the opportunity to share what I have done.  She is such a great person and her blog is always a breath of fresh air.

     So this is where I am at. Ta da....
This is a terrible picture but there is no natural light in this bathroom and using my sad little camera this was as good as it got. This is a picture of the antique dresser we are turning into the bathroom vanity.... this paint cost more than the Galvanized light fixtures....I swear it should paint the dresser itself...however it is the hottest paint out there right now and I had to have it....the sad thing is I still have to by the dark wax to distress the dresser when we are finished painting and waxing it with the clear wax....I know it is going to be beautiful! More post on that later!

A shot of the new used to be brown flat cardboard doors...not really cardboard but close...I hope to someday put one like this up for all my doors!

A shot of the new toilet which needs a toilet seat that new 31 magazine basket and a shot of the beautiful wood floor which reminds me I need a better picture of the floor when we get the bathroom finished.

Cheap Cheap Cheap lights from Lowes...I think they were something like 24 bucks a awesome! Galvanized outdoor lights. It is one of my favorite things about the bathroom.

 I am saving up time and money for the following things:
  • shower curtain (this will hopefully be in the form of the White Devil Shower Curtain from India Rose)
  • locking replica glass door knobs
  • faucet (one of those that look like an old water pump)
  • galvanized bucket (for the sink)
  •  the dark wax from Annie Sloan
  • time to paint the dresser that we will be using as our vanity (with the oh so cool Annie Sloan paint)
  • oh yeah and a toilet seat that fits the toilet...
  • start playing the lottery!
After so many years, being able to walk in that room and just wanting to close the door and stay is an awesome feeling. It is such a quite, peaceful room. I love the thought of my whole house having that feeling! More pics to come!


  1. Those are lovely lamps! :) The light is kind of faint, which really works well because the bathroom’s dominated by white. Hmm, and how is the dream bath coming along? You said that you’re taking it at a very slow pace. That’s okay -- you can’t rush perfection, right? Hope things are going smoothly!

  2. I agree with Gabrielle about the lights. It will absolutely make the room’s ambience more relaxing and elegant. How’s it going now? I wish I can see the renovated bathroom as a whole. Best regards!