Wednesday, April 11, 2012


So as most of my friends know I am always struggling with my weight.'s like a sad record that keeps playing over and over again. I am okay with it. I can't be perfect. So, at the beginning of the year I chose to face the facts and join Weight Watchers again. I have been losing sloooowly. As of last week I have lost six pounds. In three months that is sad but here are the positives:

  • I haven't gained more than what I started with
  • I am moving down the scale
  • No matter how bad my week was (eating wise) I still go and face the music 
So a couple weeks ago the leader talked about how we should have anchors that we look towards to keep us focused. 11 years ago I lost 100 pounds and for each mile stone I bought a piece of jewelry. That seemed to work then so I thought about a bracelet that I could add a bead to for each five pounds I lost. Well after last weeks meeting (and I didn't gain back any of the first five) I did just that.

I went to a local store here in Sevierville called Loralei's on Main and picked up a beautiful bracelet and my first bead for around 30 dollars. I think it is so pretty and I am very excited about wearing it. I think it will remind me every time I stick my hand in the fridge about where I am wanting to go with my weight. If you are looking for that kind of motivation or just looking to shop for a great gift Loralei's is the place to go. I will keep you updated with where my bracelet goes as there are so many beads to choose from!

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