Monday, April 9, 2012

A Day at Mountain Stitches

 Saturday was a fun day for me. Sophie and Adam went fishing in Gatlinburg and I got to spend the day with my mom at her shop Mountain Stitches working on a baby quilt and some pillow case dresses for an orphanage in Africa. My mom did most of the work on the dresses as I was feeling very sick with what I now know is Strep Throat. My big toe stepped into spring break and my body just shut down. It has been such a long haul since Christmas I just didn't think we would make it and I guess I fell short of the finish line. However, in true Vivian fashion I refuse to let it hold me back (to much).

I am so excited. I am ready to post pics of my DIY dream bathroom project. I emailed Layla Palmer from The Lettered Cottage and Shelley from The House of Smiths to ask for their permission to use their pictures of their projects that were the inspiration for my bathroom. Fingers crossed that they email me back. I just checked out what Layla was doing on her blog and she had a post where she met up with Ree Drummond from Pioneer Woman and hung out at a book signing. I am not sure who I am more jealous of Ree or well that is one group of ladies I would love to hang out with! So.... it may be a while before I post or I may have to post my pics and then edit later if I get permission. 

The front and back of the quilt I am working on. That awesome Lily and Will fabric is coming to life!

The dresses my mom helped....I mean the dresses I helped make.

Sophie always grabs this bag while she is at my mom's shop and starts filling it with fabric. Then we have to put it all back before we leave.

Sophie sweet talked her papa into buying her a scoop of strawberry ice cream. She is rotten but it was very sweet of him.

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