Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Adoption Necklace

Tuesday night I went to Diva Night at Loralei's in Sevierville. It is the second one I have been to and it was a chance to see her new store. It was so nice. I loved the openness of it and the decor and it just seemed so much more spacious! After looking around at everything I found a cute ballet ornament for Sophie's Christmas tree. It was so pretty I just had to get it for her. I was pretty much done shopping and had made my way to the front of the store when I spotted a section of jewelry I had missed. When I looked closer I found a little basket with charms in it that had a sign that said adoption jewelry. I had to know what it was all about.
A picture of the adoption charm that caught my eye. The heart represents the love we have for each other and our child to be. The wings represent God and his Angels that guide us through the journey.
"Every good and perfect gift is from God above." James 1:17

I was curious because I have a very good friend who is trying very hard to adopt her first child. I have to tell you that over the past two years I have had three couples on my heart that I prayed for daily that their child would come. My heart will be forever attached to those babies. Two of those couples, despite challenges, have had their babies. They are blessings sent from God. I feel like I have one more baby that I am waiting for. I have never stopped praying for my friends baby to be sent to her. It seems strange but I have felt like my job isn't done. I started looking several months ago for a piece of jewelry that would be a symbol for her journey through the adoption process.  Angie Long is the sweet person who told me what the charm represented. After hearing her story I knew I had to get it for my friend.

I took the adoption charm and picked two other charms from Bev Jones of Two Coyotes Studio for Bev to make a necklace. The letter J with the word Journey to represent the journey to find her baby.

The charm with the letter J and the word Journey

 The crystal charm to represents clarity.... keeping focused on the joy at the end of the journey. When we look back we will realize that it was just the beginning. It turned out beautiful!

When I gave the necklace to my friend I asked if I could share her story on my blog because I know that there is one thing that the adoption agencies say over and over and it is "Get the word out".... So I don't know how many people will read this but I ask that you share her story with those around you. I know that this prayer will be answered. I just think the necklace is a "God Thing".... If you do nothing else just pray!

So here is my friend. Karen Ogle. She is a beautiful person and she will be a wonderful mother! Read her story and get to know and love her as I do! Maybe you will be the one who helps her fulfill her dreams of being a mother!

My beautiful friend Karen in the orange Vols shirt

 From Karen:

Dear Readers,
Thank you for taking the time to hear our story.  Our names are Teddy and Karen Ogle.  We have been married for four years and Teddy has two children ages thirteen and ten from a previous marriage.  Since before we married we knew that we wanted to have a child together, and after two years of lost pregnancies and unsuccessful fertility treatments we have learned that God has chosen a different plan for us. 

A little about us:
We were set up on a blind date by mutual friends and we have been together ever since. 

 We are best friends who love relaxing and spending time together and with Teddy’s children.  We love sports and going to sporting events, and traveling.  Teddy is a construction supervisor for a large company.  I am a first grade teacher and I love being around the students at school and seeing how much they grow every year.  Teddy enjoys working outside and doing yard work.  I enjoy working in the house and reading when time allows.  We love family game night were we play video games or board games as a family.  The kids are very excited about having a little brother or sister.  

Teddy is such a good dad!

We just finished building our dream home two years ago.  It is a home that we pray will soon hear the sound of a babies laughter.  We have a one acre and a half lot that backs up to a small farm.  It is very much like living in the country, but you can get to the town in a matter of minutes.

Both of our families live in the area and are very excited about having another grandchild to spoil.  We spend a great amount of time with our families and have a wonderful support system.  We will raise the child in a loving home that is God and family centered.  We attend the church that I was raised in and will provide a loving stable church family for our child.

We love our time with our family. Looking forward to the day when our family picture is complete.

We pray that someone will hear our story and that our prayers of a baby will soon be answered. If you know a birth mother who is considering the adoption process please share our story and this web site with them.  If they would like to see our profile book you can contact Pam Frye at Harmony Adoptions, 865-982-5225, or for more information. Thank you for reading our story. God bless.

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