Wednesday, August 22, 2012


So I didn't get to go to my favorite vacation spot this summer. If you know anything about me you know I left part of my heart in Charleston on my honeymoon seven years ago. It is my dream to someday have a small home there. Hey a girl can dream right? Anyways, instead of going on vacation...and by vacation I mean overnight trip, Adam, Sophie and I, stayed close to home and had all the local tourist fun we could have. We did Splash Country, Dollywood, and the mountains. We have had a good time and I think Sophie has had a blast. She has asked about the beach though. She is like her momma in a few ways. I think she left a little piece of her heart there too!

Adam and I went to Asheville for our get away. We left early fueled by a iced coffee and arrived looking for REI around 11. We drove around forever because we left the GPS but we finally found it. If you like to bike, hike, or camp its a pretty cool place. I went to an Olive Oil and Vinegar store and spent all of my birthday money Adam gave me and a little more. There was an awesome toy store and more all in that part of Asheville. The houses there were to die for. I wish I had taken a picture but I think that might have got me in trouble.

After we left that part of town we went downtown. Downtown is a little eclectic to say the least. I am not sure it's for everyone. That being said I had to share some of my favorite spots in Asheville.

The French Broad Chocolate Lounge. We had to wait a few minutes to order and a little bit longer to get our drinks but it was good. I would totally stick to the truffles and their iced coffee which was to die for.

The case for the truffles at the Chocolate Lounge. Pick up a menu just as you step in the door so you know what you want to order when you get to the front of the line.  

Terrible picture. Sorry. But...omg...all the Blue Ball glass jars a girl could want at a antique store in downtown Asheville.  

Antique rolling pins....sigh...I have to go back just to get one of these!
A bucket I am still fantasizing about.....I am in love!
I am not going to say anything....I know you are in love with this too!
When we got home Sophie opened her present we brought back from Asheville. The toy shop was so cool. They had toys you can't find other places. They gift wrap for free.
We got Sophie a new outfit for her baby doll. It cost more than the one Sophie was wearing. Baby doll clothes are expensive. In the baby's defense it was wearing a dress that one of my baby dolls wore when I was a little girl. And we know that must be very old!   

We also ate at the Tupelo Honey Cafe. Totally worth the 45 minute wait to get in. The food was as good as anywhere else I have ever eaten. Thank goodness we are getting one in downtown Knoxville! So exciting!

Last but not least a picture of the quilt I have been working on. It's all finished and it will be going to my friends baby Friday. His birthday is the 29th so I finished it just in time. I hope he has an awesome first birthday!

The back that I had such a hard time with.
Yeah! The front... I may not be the best quilter but by golly I can pick out some fabric!

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