Saturday, July 12, 2014

A Little Bit of Charleston

    If you know me personally... you probably know that I have an undying love for everything that is Charleston, SC. My love for this town seems to grow after each visit. I gave this love a great deal of thought this trip. I tried to look at what it is that really draws me to this town. After thinking about it I realized that I never had that place where I could say this is where I am from.  My husband has that. He is from East Tennessee. He's a real country boy. It is part of what makes him who he is. It is part of his identity. He cherishes his roots and respects and honors the traditions of the Appalachian people. I love him for that. I understand his love of his home.
    As a child I moved schools almost every year until I was a sophomore in high school. I moved towns almost as many times. My dad was in the military and that was just part of the military life. When I come to Charleston I just feel like it is "my place". There are so many parts of the Charleston area that I love from the architecture, the food, the art, and especially the beach. There's a art of me that feels complete when I'm here. So I wanted to share what it is I love. I could have taken lots of good food pictures to share with you but I know that is obnoxious. I could have taken lots of beach pictures by I just didn't want to get me camera sandy so I will just stick to my favorite pictures of historical homes around the French Quarter area of historic Charleston. So here it is.... some of my favorite pictures I took this trip... p.s.  Thank you Soph and Adam for being patient and walking with me as I took all this pictures.... It was hot and you guys were very sweet to hang in there with me!

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